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What to have on hand for your First Goat Kidding

I was offered a Grab n Go Goat kidding kit when I purchased my First Doe which was in milk & Doeling. The kit was provided by 4 Acres Farm & Country Magic Nigerian Goats. I am working on creating my own kidding kit to offer to those who would like when purchasing two or more Does for there own herd.

What were a few things included and what did I add?

These are the basics I would suggest having on hand as I did not have the smoothest first kidding and I am thankful I was prepared.

Kit Provided

Kid puller

Bulb Syringe

Iodine dip

Navel Clip

Knife to cut umbilical cord

Tube feeding kit

Baby bottle & nipple



Latex gloves

Note pad & pen

Lube (J-Jelly)

Puppy Pee Pads

Emergenc-C and Molasses

Added on top of Kit

Lots of Towels

Bottle Nipples for Pop bottles

Milk replacer

Needles I like (20 X1')

Probiotic paste*

Selenium-E Paste Or Selenium*

Syringes (3mm I use the most)

Rubbing Alcohol

Cotton Swabs

Heating pad

Weight Scale

Supplements & Medication

We use in our program, please talk to your local vet)




Covexin Plus

Selon-E & Thiamine B12

Some supplement pastes we love to have on hand:

Probiotic Paste/Selenium & Vitamin E Paste/Jumpstart Paste/Replamin Gel Plus

Note I am not a trained professional, If you are in Canada you will have to obtain a relationship with a veterinarian as for some of these medications and supplements as you will have to obtain from your veterinarian. Before Kidding I suggest you establish a relationship with a veterinarian.

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